Frequently Asked Quesions

Many units have washers and dryers included; full size or stackable. Many other locations have laundry facilities on-site for residents to use; coin-operated or card-operated, depending on the building. Virtually all multi-family buildings have shared laundry facilities available.

Check unit listings for details.

Hometeam requires that every animal be registered, whether a pet, ESA, or Service Animal(SA) each new lease term. 


Pets are cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc.… Pets require signing a Pet Addendum and paying a $200 pet fee and $50 monthly pet rent. Fish or anything that inhabits a 10-gallon aquarium (or smaller) doesn’t require a registration or pet addendum, e.g. fish, small turtle, etc.…

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)
ESAs can be a range of animals: cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, etc.… and they have no specialized training. ESAs are for the mitigation of symptoms arising from an emotional disability. ESAs cannot go anywhere animals are otherwise prohibited other than their owners’ home, and in limited capacities, air travel.

To qualify for an ESA, one must be disabled as defined by the Fair Housing Act(FHA). As ESAs are prescribed for non-obvious disabilities, we’re entitled to medical documentation that a resident has been prescribed an ESA for their disability.

Service Animal (SA)
A Service Animal is a dog (in 99% of situations) that has undergone extensive and specialized training to assist its owner with specific tasks related to its owner's disability or disabilities. An SA can go anywhere their handler goes, even where animals are otherwise prohibited. It is a crime under the law to misrepresent a dog as a Service Animal.
Hometeam doesn’t allow dogs that are “in training to become Service Animals" unless otherwise stipulated by law.


If you wish to register an animal, please do so online via the form located at:

All leases require the payment of a security deposit equal to one month's rent.

You can apply for a specific apartment via the "Apply Now" link on on this website. If a unit is marked "unavailable" it is already rented for the upcoming term.

Rent is due on the 1st and considered late on the 3rd (beginning for all leases August 2023).

Rent can be paid via the online resident portal by ACH transaction or credit card. There is a convenience fee for each option with the ACH payment costing $1.99 per occurrence as of the time of this writing.
Physical payments (check, money order) carry a $25 processing fee per the lease agreement.

Outstanding charges for items like utilities, damages, fees, etc... can accrue late fees if they total more than $100 on or after the 3rd of the month following when they were billed. For example, if a pet fee of $200 was charged on April 10th it could go unpaid without a late fee until May 3rd, at which time it would trigger a late fee as outstanding charges are paid first when payments are received.

For questions or concerns about anything payment related, contact us via

August to July lease contracts are not typical conventional lease agreements in that they are for a fixed sum for the entirety of the contract, and broken into twelve equal installments.

If you're wondering why your move-in payment isn't prorated while moving in halfway through the month, this is why. The first page of your contract should list the annual agreed upon sum, and the schedule for installment payments, due on the first of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions