Potential Leasers FAQs

Answers to some of the questions we get from our potential leasers.

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  • When should I start looking for housing for the next school year?

    We suggest looking for housing as soon as possible. All of our tenants have until the 1st of October at 5pm to let us know if they want to renew. After that date, any place not renewing is available to be rented for the following year.
    If current tenants decide they want to rent after October 1st and their house is still available then they can renew but prices many change.
    If you are interested in one of our properties before October 1st, we will accept your applications and add you to the waitlist.

  • Are all tenants students?

    Many of our tenants are students, but we also have many tenants who aren't!

  • Do you accept tenants with previous evictions?

    Generally no, but we will review evictions if they are at least three years old.

  • Do you only have properties available on campus?

    No, we have properties in Grandview, Hilliard, Dublin, Mansfield, and Reynoldsburg.

  • How long are your leasing options for student off-campus housing?

    Our campus leases are 350 day leases from August 20th to August 5th. This will change due to the Fall Semester start date.

  • How are security deposits handled?

    Your security deposit is equal to one month's rent. Upon full execution of the lease (applications, application fees, security deposits, cosigner forms), the Holding Fee is to be used as a "Security Deposit" to insure the full and faithful performance by Tenant of each and every term, provision, covenant and condition of this Lease.
    At the termination of the tenancy hereunder, for whatever cause, Lessor may use, apply or retain all or any portion of the Security Deposit for any obligation of Tenant arising under the terms of this Lease, unpaid rent, utilities, fees, billbacks or as liquidated damages for Tenant's premature termination of Lease Term, provided, however, that in any such event Lessor may seek redress against any damages suffered by Lessor in excess of the Security Deposit or any portion not so used, applied or retained shall be refunded to Tenant in accordance with applicable law after termination of the tenancy and delivery of possession of the Premises to Lessor with interest, if any required by law. Security Deposit cannot be used for your last month's rent.

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