Leasing FAQs

Answers to some of the questions we get about leasing from Hometeam Properties.

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  • What is due when I sign my lease?

    Before a Tenant can sign a lease they must fill out an application, pay a $30 application fee and put down a holding fee which is equal to one month's rent. Once the lease is signed the holding fee becomes the security deposit.

  • What does the leasing process look like?

    In order to lease from Hometeam, first you schedule a showing on your desired unit. We must know at least 24 hours in advance in order to schedule a showing. We will also need your contact information, specifically your email and phone number. The next step is to fill out a tenant application and pay the application fee. When you are approved you will provide us with a signed lease and a holding fee equal to one month's rent. When your lease is fully executed your holding fee will become your security deposit.

  • Can I sublease or sign up for a short-term lease?

    Our leases date from August 20th through August 5th each year. If you are leaving for an extended period of time (for internships, graduation, transferring schools etc.) we recommend trying to sublet your spot in the house. In order to sublease, you must follow the following process: 1. The tenant wishing to sublease their room is responsible for finding their own subleasee. Online websites such as Facebook, Craigslist and sublet.com are sites that many of our tenants use. 2. Once you find someone to sublease, everyone in your house must email Hometeam at info@hometeamproperties.net to tell us they approve of the subleasee. 3. After everyone has emailed you must tell us the date the subleasee will be there. 4. Next, we will make a sublease form to be executed. There is a $200 sublet charge. 5. Finally, you and your subleasee must come in and sign the sublease and then everything is ready for your subleasee to move in.

  • Do I need to have renter's insurance?

    It is the Tenant's responsibility to insure the personal property of the Tenant. By agreeing to the terms set forth in the lease, Tenant acknowledges that Lessor will not provide any type of renters insurance and it is the sole responsibility of Tenant to obtain such insurance. By signing the rental agreement, Tenant agrees to acquire renters insurance at least one (1) week prior to Tenant�۪s move-in date and carry said Insurance throughout the duration of Tenant�۪s rental, regardless of when the lease and/or any extension of this lease expires. In addition, Tenant agrees to provide Lessor with proof of said renters insurance upon request of Lessor.

  • Do you require a cosigner?

    Every tenant under the age of 25 must obtain a cosigner. If the Tenant wished to opt out of having a cosigner they can pay last month's rent in lieu of having a cosigner.

  • Do you offer any discounts or specials?

    We do offer specials and discounts during leasing periods. Contact us to see what our current offerings.

  • Can I move in/move out early?

    After you have signed a lease, you will receive a move-in packet in early summer. In this packet, we cover everything you need to know about moving in. There is an early move-in form in this packet that can be filled out, signed by every tenant and set back to Hometeam requesting an earlier move in time. You can request any time from August 9th to August 19th. This is a first come first serve basis. Those who turn in the form early are more likely to get the date they request and it also depends on the condition of the apartment. If you do not turn in this form your move-in date will be August 20th.

  • Is rent pro-rated?

    August Rent is not pro-rated; however, rent is not due until your move-in day or August 20th, whichever comes first. Please note that rent is paid on 350 days, not 365 days. The rental installments and utilities shall be paid in advance on the first day of every month during the Lease Term. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the first month's rent is not prorated and the first rent installment is due on or before August 20th. **This only applies to our OSU University District housing. **

  • Will you hold units?

    In order to "hold" a place for a group, your group will have to complete all of the steps in our leasing process, including signing the lease and putting down a deposit.

  • How does subleases work for damages?

    Subleasing does not remove the original tenant from the lease so if there are any damages to the property is will taken out of the deposit of the original tenant.

  • What happens if i transfer schools or become active duty military?

    We allow subletting so you will have to find someone to sublease your room for the remaining portion of the lease.

  • Can I pay my rent online?

    For your convenience, we have multiple ways that you can pay your rent. Each roommate can pay individually on our tenant portal or your house can give one check or money order to our office by the first of each month. You can also combine the two; some tenants can pay online and some by one check according to their personal preference. Just remember, we only accept one check or money order per house. So if more than one tenant wants to pay by check it must all be on one check.

  • How does maintenance requests work?

    Tenants may call into the office to put in a maintenance request or they can log onto their tenant portal online to submit a maintenance request.

  • Can I paint the walls?

    Tenant will not paint without prior written permission of Lessor. If the Tenant receives written permission, they will be asked to paint it back to its original color before the lease ends or the cost to paint the walls back to the original color will be taken out of the security deposit.

  • Am I responsible for pest control costs?

    Tenant acknowledges that he/she will use their best efforts and care to avoid any conditions which would introduce, cause or promote the presence of bugs, vermin and/or insects in the Premises or community property. Resident acknowledges receiving a copy of, and agrees to comply with, lessor's Integrated Pest Management.

  • Why do I have to replace the furnace filters every month?

    Changing the furnace filters every month ensures that the heating and the cooling will work properly with no issues. Tenant may request Landlord assist with changing said filters but acknowledge that, in such circumstance, Tenant may, in the sole discretion of landlord, be charged an additional service fee of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) each time Landlord, its agents, servants, employees, subcontractors or representatives are called to change said filters and complete requested change.

  • What do I do if I lost my key?

    Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) per key during regular office hours. You will need to provide your driver's license for proof of residency.

  • Can you call before maintenance comes into my unit?

    Yes. Just let maintenance know that you would like a call before they come.

  • How do I ensure I will get my Security Deposit back?

    The easiest way to get your security deposit back is to make sure all personal belongings are out of the house upon move-out date and that the property is cleaned and damages are repaired. We will provide more information with helpful move-out tips before you move out. We also take pictures and notes of all the damages to the house and send you a detailed list of everything that was deducted from your deposit. Be sure to follow the guidelines we send to our tenants.

  • Can I pay rent upfront for the whole year?


  • Can I (the parent) put the utilities in my name?


  • What happens if my student fails out or goes on active duty?

    We do allow subletting so the student and/or house will need to find someone to sublease their room for the remaining part of the lease.

  • How do rent installments work?

    The leases are for 350 days and divided into 12 equal installments. We do not prorate rent. It's similar to a cai paypal. You make equal payments throughout the year. The amount does not change based on number of day in a month. This is failry standard for landlords in the Ohio State University District.

  • How fast does maintenance fulfill requests?

    We try to get to it the same day depending on the time it was submitted and the severity of the request. No later than 72 hours. All emergency maintenance will be handled immediately.

  • What are late fees and how do they work?

    All Rent and utilities not received IN FULL, whether online or in physical form, before 5:00 PM on the first day of the month shall be subject to an immediate late charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) or 10% of the monthly installment due (whichever is less) as well as a fee of five dollars ($5) per day. If your Rent is late, the payment received will first be applied to late fees and the remainder will be applied toward your rent.

  • What happens if one of the other tenants does not pay rent?

    All of our leases are joint leases so everyone on the lease is responsible to make sure the entire rent is paid each month.The Cosigner is only responsible for whatever portion they signed for on the co-signer/guarantor form.

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