What Is Pre-Leasing?

by Hometeam Properties on December 4, 2018

Confused Red Head Laying w LaptopWhat you need to know about pre-leasing apartments near Ohio State and Off-Campus Housing

What is Pre-Leasing?

Many people moving to the Columbus/OSU campus area are all thinking the same thing. We’ve all moved before, and normally you just rent as soon as the apartment is available, right? Not quite. To put it simply, pre-leasing is just leasing way in advance. There’s really no difference other than that.

Why is it Important for Students?

Multiple studies have shown that, in terms of happiness and grades, proximity is everything. Being a short walk or drive from classes, work, and fun can make a huge difference in your well-being! With well over 50,000 students at the university you can expect that housing near campus is leased early and quickly. Pre-leasing is the student housing solution to this high-demand-low-supply dilemma. 

When Does Pre-Leasing Start?

Pre-leasing typically begins about 9 months in advance from the expected move-in date. For Ohio State's campus this tends to be in November because most of campus moves in around the start of the fall semester (August). This means that your best time to start your search for housing is in October-November, and the best time to sign is before December. (If you’re reading this it's NOT too late!)

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How Do I Start My Search?

Decide location, find houses or apartment communities in the area, make a call, and tour. It’s understandable that not everyone is able to tour before signing but making sure that you can see the apartment you’re signing for before moving in is always a good idea. If you’re out of town, ask the leasing representative to send you a video tour of the property.

How Does it Work Once I Find a Place?

Just like regular leasing, it all begins with talking about your expected move-in date and how much you want to pay for an apartment. Once you sign your lease for the apartment and pay whatever security deposit there may be, it’s peace of mind from there on.  Here at Hometeam Properties we strive to move most of our residents in as early as possible so students can get settled in before the start of classes.