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Ohio State Campus Parking Guide

by Hometeam Properties

Parking near Ohio State’s campus can sometimes be a nightmare for students attending classes. OSU's campus is one of the largest in the country and has a parking system to match with over of 36,000 system spaces. Use this guide to navigate those spaces and avoid the annoyance that comes with filled lots, long walks and dreaded parking tickets.

What to Do During Summer Break

by Hometeam Properties

When the spring semester comes to an end, students are anticipating summer time off. So, if you had a rough semester and it’s finally taken its toll on your stress levels, you need a well-deserved break. However, you may be used to a fast-paced lifestyle and now asking yourself, “What am I going to do with all this free time?” There are plenty of fun &exciting things to keep yourself entertained this summer!

Wilson Place Update: May

by Hometeam Properties

Last week our leasing agent Sammi threw on a hard hat and traveled through the semi-finished building to bring you a video update on the construction progress at Wilson Place. She stepped into the Buchanan unit for a behind the scenes sneak peek look.

Searching for Off-Campus Housing

by Hometeam Properties

Here's a list of the top considerations any college student should have while searching for off-campus housing.

Bucky vs Brutus Jenga

by Hometeam Properties

Things got intense at the 2018 Spring Off-Campus Living Expo between our beloved Bucky and the fan favorite Brutus Buckeye in a friendly game of Jenga. Even though our furry friend Bucky was at a strong disadvantage, having only 3 paws, he still miraculously pulled off the upset!

Spring Break Tips For College Students

by Hometeam Properties

The exciting time of Spring break is approaching and some college students are going home or traveling abroad, while others are going to beaches like Fort Lauderdale. If your destination is a warm city to party then follow these spring break tips for college students and you'll be sure to make it back in one piece.

6 Things to Do During College Winter Break

by Ryan Carter

With the semester ending, many students may be wondering what to do with all the extra time they will have. Avoid boredom by trying out these six different things students can do over a long break:

Fuel Up For Finals: Recap

by Ryan Carter

‘Tis the season of no sleep, excessive amounts of studying and unreal levels of stress. Finals week is here and Hometeam is here to help! 

How to Get Enough Sleep in College

by Ryan Carter

There's a reason most college students sleep in whenever they have the chance: they're exhausted, sleep deprived, and in desperate need of some zzzz's at any given time. And yet, finding time to sleep in college can be quite challenging.

Sleep is often the first thing to get cut when stress levels and workloads pile up. So just how can you find time to sleep in college?

25 Tips for Making Friends in College

by Ryan Carter

Making friends in college can sometimes feel overwhelming, whether you're getting ready to start classes for the first time or whether you're enrolled in a new semester of classes and don't know any of your new classmates.

Fortunately, since college communities are constantly changing—new students are coming in, students are coming back from being abroad, new classes are starting, new clubs are forming—meeting people and making friends is simply part of the normal routine. If you're not sure where exactly to start, however, try any (or all!) of these ideas.

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