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How to Protect Your Security Deposit

by Hometeam Properties

Some questions many tenants have during the leasing process have to deal with security deposits. This blog post will give you all the necessary details on how to protect your security deposit and get all of it back.

What Is Pre-Leasing?

by Hometeam Properties

What you need to know about pre-leasing apartments near Ohio State and Off-Campus Housing

Furniture for Your Apartment: The Necessities

by Hometeam Properties

 So, you’ve signed the paperwork and you are getting ready to move into your new apartment. Whether it’s your first time living in an apartment or if you’re expanding to a bigger space, figuring out what furniture for your apartment you'll need can be a daunting task.

How Often Do We Clean?

by Hometeam Properties

If you’re living with roommates for the first time cleaning expectations for your apartment can clash. When sharing a space, you need to discuss cleaning habits and how often to clean with the other people living with you, even if you know them well, to help avoid squabbles.

Ohio State Campus Parking Guide

by Hometeam Properties

Parking near Ohio State’s campus can sometimes be a nightmare for students attending classes. OSU's campus is one of the largest in the country and has a parking system to match with over of 36,000 system spaces. Use this guide to navigate those spaces and avoid the annoyance that comes with filled lots, long walks and dreaded parking tickets.

Pets and Apartments: The Best Pets For An Apartment

by Hometeam Properties

Pets and apartments can go hand in hand, but there's a lot to consider when you live in an apartment and you choose to have a pet. Find out what the best pets for an apartment are below.

Should You Date Your Roommate?

by Hometeam Properties


Relationships can cause problems. It’s par for the course – issues always surface, whether they’re disastrous or minor. If you're thinking should you date your roommate, take some time and really think about it. It's a huge decision to make and in most circumstances, it won't end well.

Tips For Renting Your First Off Campus Apartment

by Ryan Carter

So you’ve decided you're ready to be out on your own? Well whether you’re a recent graduate or you decided to move out of the dorm to off campus housing, these tips for renting your first apartment will help you understand what it is that you need to successfully find, rent, and move into your new space.

We’ve got you covered with seven tips for renting your first apartment.

4 Tips For Picking the Best Roommate

by Hometeam Properties
Picking a roommate is something that many people have to do in their college years. Deciding to have roommates is an easy way to bring down rental costs, make new friends, and have new experiences. If you decide to have a roommate, it’s important to evaluate the potential roommate to see if they would be a good match with you. This allows you to avoid living with someone who's living style does not match your own. When you are deciding who you should room with, remember these important factors:

Clean Your Apartment Before You Leave!

by Madeleine Smith

Remember to clean your apartment before you move out and turn in your keys!  This is the best way to ensure that you receive your security deposit back.  If you are overwhelmed and not sure how to start, take a look at these tips!