Tips for Spring Cleaning

by Madeleine Smith on March 31, 2017

Spring break is over and finals are quickly approaching.  If you are anything like me, in order to get myself to study, I have to make sure I have zero distractions.  Zero distractions translates to cleaning my place from top to bottom so I have no excuse to not study.  As I start my post-winter cleaning, I decided to share some helpful tips I found! 

Why not use office supplies to clean your keyboard? First, turn over your keyboard and tap out any crumbs. Then, run the sticky side of on a Post-It Note between the keys to nab debris.
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1. The secret to a clean laptop

In order to clean your laptop keys, use a sticky note!  Fold the sticky note so the sticky part is facing out.  Then dab the note between the keys on your keyboard to pick up all the debris! 


Mold and mildew attacking your shower curtain liner? Throw it in the wash with a few towels, which will help scrub it clean, then hang it back up to dry.
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2. Clean Your Shower Liner

If your shower liner is starting to get moldy (who's isn't?), throw it in the wash!  Put the the liner in the wash with a few towels and hang it back up after.   

If you don't want to get your hands dusty, there's a kitchen utensil you can use instead: tongs! All you have to do is secure a microfiber cloth using rubber bands, then close the tool on a strand and pull it across.
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3. Finally Dust Your Blinds

Blinds collect dust like it's there job.  In order to get all of the dust, wrap paper towels around a pair of tongs and hold them in place with rubber bands!  Try adding water (or an all purpose spray) to the towels to help them collect the dust! 


I hope these tips help with your spring cleaning!