Study Tips for College Students

by Hometeam Properties on December 5, 2016

As finals week approaches, studying can seem like a duanting task.  We went ahead and complied a list of study tips for college students to make your life a little easier.  

Study Tips for College Students

 1) Study before you sleep. 

According to research, you are more likely to remember the stuff you looked at right before you go to sleep.  There is also research out there that says that if you sleep after you learn information, you will hold it longer. 

2) Don't focus on one subject. 

Instead of sitting down and looking at one subject for hours, switch up the subjects you are studying. You are more likely to stay engaged if you switch subjects.  

3) Make a study plan. 

As finals get closer and closer, the amount of material you need to look over can feel overwhelming.  Sit down and decide how much time you should devote to each subject and when you will be studying.  This allows you to stay on track and not loose sleep the night before your exam. 

4) Make time to study with others. 

Studying in groups allows you to test your knowledge and compare your materials with others.  

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We hope these study tips for college students are helpful! Good luck on your finals!