What To Do With Your Lease If You Study Abroad

by Madeleine Smith on December 27, 2016

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience to have during your college career.  But now that you are accepted into your study abroad program, what are you going to do about your lease? 

If you are studying aboard during the period for which you signed your lease, you have the ability to have a subleasee fill your room so you aren't solely financially responsible for your unit while you are away. 

Many campus real estate companies allow you to sublease your apartment.  If you lease with us, the steps to subleasing are as follows:

1. The tenant wishing to sublease their room is responsible for finding their own subleasee. Online websites such as Facebook, Craigslist and sublet.com are sites that many of our tenants use to find potential subleasees. 

2. Once you find someone to sublease, everyone in your house must email Hometeam at info@hometeamproperties.net to tell us they approve of the subleasee.

3. After everyone has emailed, you must tell us the date the subleasee will begin living there.

4. Next, we will make a lease. There is a $100 sublet charge. 

5. Finally, you and your subleasee must come in and sign the agreement and then everything is ready for your subleasee to move in.

Remember, if the subleasee does damage to the property, the original person on the lease is responsible for the damage and it will come out of their security deposit. 

If you have any other questions about subleasing, call us at (614) 291-2601 or email us at info@hometeamproperties.net