Ohio State Campus Parking Guide

by Hometeam Properties on July 19, 2018

OSU ParkingParking near Ohio State’s campus can sometimes be a nightmare for students attending classes. OSU's campus is one of the largest in the country and has a parking system to match with over of 36,000 system spaces. Use this guide to navigate those spaces and avoid the annoyance that comes with filled lots, long walks and dreaded parking tickets.

On Campus Parking

Campus Parc is the office that handles Ohio State’s parking passes, policies, and ticketing. Some parking options are very expensive and some are restricted to students based on their credit hours, so the process of finding an affordable pass that you qualify for can be a bit daunting.

Why do I need a permit?

Parking regulations are enforced 24/7 because all parking on campus is for specific uses so a CampusParc permit or paid hourly parking is always required. Permits provide access to designated parking lots or garages depending on the type of permit purchased.

Annual Student Pass Cost:

  • Lowest: $128.28/ year
  • Highest: $955.56/ year
OSU Student Parking Passes-edited


Football Saturday Parking Restrictions

Some streets in the University area prohibit parking on Saturdays for home football games. Be sure to always check street signs before parking. Here are a couple resources on parking for OSU football games:

  • CampusParc offers specific lots and garages available for customer parking.
  • The Ohio State Athletics Department has maps and information ready to go

It may also be helpful to familiarize yourself with the CABS bus routes to alleviate the need for a central campus parking permit. The campus map on the university app can also be handy, because everyone at some point has to learn their way around campus.


Off Campus Parking

Some landlords charge a monthly or annual fee for off-street parking. If your landlord does not provide parking spaces you may need to park your car on the street. Certain streets require a City Parking Permit, while others offer free parking.

The City of Columbus sells off-street parking permits for the university district residential areas in the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services office in the Ohio Union for a limited time at the beginning of Fall Semester each year.

Parking permits last one year from the start of your purchase date and can be purchased at 2700 Impound Lot Rd.

To buy a City Parking Permit, you will need:

  • Current Vehicle Registration and License Plate Number
  • Proof of Residency (recent utility bill with your name and address, lease, or a notarized letter from your landlord)
  • Credit Card, Check or Money Order for Payment

If you need additional information, contact the Parking Violations Complex at 614-645-6400 or visit the City's Parking website.

Street Sweeping

The City of Columbus provides street sweeping to many neighborhoods in the University area. You could get a parking ticket or be towed if your car is parked on the street during street sweeping. These typically are scheduled for the second Thursday and Friday of each month, but always check the map for your specific location. 

Tips for Campus Parking

  1. Read all parking signs before you park.
  2. Allow enough time to park and walk to your destination.
  3. Remember the amount of time when you are parked at a meter or in an hourly parking space (set a timer).
  4. Consider using Parkmobile when parking at a meter or in an hourly parking space. Parkmobile is an app that allows you to extended parking sessions via an online account.
  5. Consider parking away from Central Campus (i.e., on West Campus) and riding CABS. It is usually faster to park there and ride the bus than to find a closer parking space.
  6. Residence hall students are not permitted to park overnight (3 a.m. - 5 a.m.) in a campus parking garage at any time without the appropriate permit.
  7. If your vehicle experiences mechanical difficulties and you are parked illegally, contact CampusParc to report the incident. Parking light flashers and notes on the dashboard do not authorize illegal parking.
  8. Events and construction requirements may impact travel and parking on campus. Check the Campus Parc website for updates.

Hometeam tenants will need to contact our main office for details on their designated parking spaces and fees at (614) 291-2600.