Fuel Up For Finals: Recap

by Ryan Carter on December 13, 2017

Fuel Up Blog 1.jpg‘Tis the season of no sleep, excessive amounts of studying and unreal levels of stress. Finals week is here and Hometeam is here to help! 

On Ohio State’s reading day, to ensure that students were fueled up to tackle studying, tenants at The King Apartments, The View on High and select Hometeam Properties houses were surprised with deliveries of Red Bull cases by Hometeam’s mascot, Bucky the Squirrel. Students were pleased to receive the caffeine boost from Bucky’s friendly face to brighten up their studying kick off.

Our social media coordinator, Ryan Carter went along for the journey while assisting Bucky in his deliveries and documented them in a recap video. You can watch the video here.


Finals week at Ohio State for many students usually consists of late nights of cramming, reading entire textbook chapters in minutes and searching for peaceful study spots in Thompson Library. Students typically rely on caffeine from coffee, energy drinks or soda to help the focus during the large amounts of studying taking place. To further assist students with final exam studying we have also created Study Tips to help ace those exams. Good luck on finals Buckeyes!