Columbus Ohio Neighborhoods Near OSU

by Hometeam Properties on February 10, 2017

The Ohio State University is located within the heart of Columbus, Ohio.  There are a variety of fascinating and fun-filled neighborhoods within a short distance to OSU with unique features. Few cities have such a mix of diverse neighborhoods with such vibrant and unique personalities.

University District: 

Most of this neighborhood is within walking distance to Ohio State’s Columbus campus and is comprised of multiple distinct neighborhoods like Old North Columbus, Tuttle Park and Weinland Park. Undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as permanent residents live in the community. The university district contains a multitude of apartment buildings, houses, and townhomes. Although the neighborhood is primarily residential, it’s also home to popular retail, restaurants and night life.

Short North: 

Short North columbus ohio neighborhoods near osu

Located south of Ohio State’s campus, the Short North is an eclectic hub of art, dinning, nightlife and fashion as well as boutiques and apartments. It’s also home to the North Market, featuring dozens of independent merchants and farmers. Whether you’re heading out to explore Columbus in a large group, with family and friends or by yourself, the Short North has something for everyone.


Approximately a 5-10 minute drive west of Ohio State’s campus, Grandview is home to many graduate students and young professional. The area is a mix of residential properties and small businesses. Community events are held throughout the year, including the Grandview Hop.

 Victorian Village: 

Victorian Village columbus ohio neighborhoods near osu

Located south of Ohio State’s campus, parts of Victorian Village are within walking distance to campus, notably the Medical campus. Its comprised of older, large Victorian-style homes, along with apartment buildings and townhouses. There are a large population of Ohio State’s graduate students and young professionals in this community.

Italian Village:

Located South East of Ohio State’s campus. It’s a designated historic district known for its historical and cultural preservation. The building types and architecture reflect Italian influence. With its parks and preserved historic homes, it’s a popular home area for graduate students.

 Arena District:

arena district columbus neighborhoodLocated downtown, southwest of Ohio State’s campus, the Arena District is a fairly new urban are which is easily accessible by COTA. The Arena District is a trendy area, with newer apartment buildings located close to restaurants, shops and nightlife. Attractions that you can find there include multiple concert venues, parks, a baseball field and a movie theatre.


Located just north of Ohio State’s campus, Clintonville is home to many recent graduates and long-term residents. Whetstone Park, a Columbus landmark, is located in located just west of High Street and features a number of bike trails, tennis courts and baseball fields, as well as the Park of Roses. During the summer, there are a number of events held here, including the Rose Festival and a variety of concerts.

German Village:

Is a historic neighborhood located next to the brewery district and is only a short drive south of Ohio State’s campus. German village is home to many recent graduates and is an area with many historic restaurants, shops and nightlife venues.