Best OSU Instagram's to Follow

by Madeleine Smith on April 24, 2017

If you are anything like us, OSU is more than a school, its a lifestyle.  We decided to compile some of our favorite OSU Instagram accounts to share with you! We hope they satisfy your OSU fix! 

1) Arts and Sciences @ Ohio State (ascatosu) 
The College of Arts and Sciences regularly updates their account showing things that you didn't even know OSU had. 

2) Oldfield's North Fourth Tavern (oldfieldsosu)
You can always count of Oldfield's to make you laugh, and that's exactly what all our feeds need. What is great about the bar is also what makes the Instagram great, you feel like you are apart of the community, making this big campus feel just a little smaller. 

3) The Lantern (thelanternosu)
Looking to stay up to date on what is going on around campus? The Lantern is a great place to start!

4) WOSU Public Media (wosupubmedia)
Looking for a resource to learn more about non-profits and cultural resources in the central Ohio area?  Then this is the account for you!