Best Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio

by Hometeam Properties on November 14, 2017

Best Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio

We all know that Columbus, Ohio is where it's at.

With a low cost of living and many companies basing their operations here, Columbus offers many benefits of the big city life, while also being realistic and sensitive to the economy.

So whether you're moving to Columbus for work or are just looking to relocate, it is important to do your research on what areas of the city will best fit your desired lifestyle.

Things to be on the look-out for include:

  • Cost of living
  • The vibe of the neighborhood
  • Activities, events, and night life
  • Schools and parks
  • Public transportation

In this blog, we will review some of the best neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio and hopefully help make your decision a little easier.

German Village - Best Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio

German Village

Originally a large settlement for German immigrants in the mid 1800's, German Village was a thriving community, rich in German culture and history. After World War I, the positive sentiment toward German immigrants started to decline, as did the area. Following World War II, that trickle of negative sentiment became a downpour, and the area was all but demolished after being zoned for manufacturing use. 

After some dedicated private entities took it upon themselves to restore and preserve the area, The City of Columbus finally recognized the preservation efforts and established The German Village Commission and the German Village Historic District and rezoned the area for residential use. 

Today, German Village is a model of urban neighborhood preservation and revitalization – a nationally recognized success story. It has a single commercial strip along Livingston Avenue, and the rest of the neighborhood is mixed use for food, shopping, and entertainment. German Village is mostly a residential neighborhood of sturdy, red-brick homes with wrought iron fences along tree-lined, brick-paved streets.

Not one to ignore it's name, German Village has many German inspired restaurants and pubs with plenty of beer and sauerkraut to go around. 

Nearby Parks: Schiller Park, Scioto Audubon Metro Park

Demographics: Upper middle class, LGBTQ+ friendly

Popular Shops & Restaurants: Schmidt's Sausage House, The Book Loft, Lindey's 

Walk Score: 89 - Most errands can be accomplished on foot.

School District: Columbus City Schools, St. Mary School

Overall Vibe: Relaxed and easy going.

Short North - Best Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio

Short North

Directly north of Downtown is the Short North, also known as the Short North Arts District. This fast-paced neighboorhood has a rich art culture, bustling nightlife, and a pletora of unique shops and restaurants. As soon as you see distinctive lighted arches over High Street, you’ll know you’ve entered this creative neighborhood. Small but mighty, the Short North stretches a mile and a half along High Street from Nationwide Boulevard to King Avenue.

In addition to all of the dining and drinking options, and all of the local boutiques, Short North has plenty to do. On the first Saturday of every month, there is a Gallery Hop that hosts street performances, art galleries, and food & drink for everyone. There are also a vast array of charities and advocacy groups that work within the Short North, through events and partnerships with local businesses. 

No matter what you prefer, there's a little something for everyone in the Short North. 

Nearby Parks: Goodale Park, Italian Village Park, Thompson Park

Demographics: Upper to lower middle class, LGBTQ+ friendly

Popular Shops & Restaurants: The North Market, Axis Nightclub, The Candle Lab

Walk Score: 92 - Daily errands do not require a car.

School District: Columbus City Schools, St Joseph Montessori, Columbus Gifted Academy

Overall Vibe: Artsy, fun, and vibrant. 

Looking for something fun to do? Check out some of the best things to do around Columbus!

Hilliard - Best Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio


Located just fifteen minutes from downtown Columbus, Hilliard offers small town charm and hospitality, as well as historic treasures, a mix of local and chain restaurants, and exciting events.

Unique attractions like First Responders Park, the only Early Television Museum in the United States, authentic Historical Village, Ten Pin Alley, and Packrat Comics offer a little something for everyone to check out. Additionally, the Hertitage Rail Trail with 31 miles of paths, provides the perfect escape for anyone looking to get outdoors and away from city life.

Not one to miss out on a good celebration, Hilliard is home to many events like the Franklin County Fair in July, Old Hilliardfest in September, Heritage Day in October, and Olde Hilliard Christmas month of December.

This quaint neighborhood is full of families, but it perfect for anyone looking for small town charm and lots of exciting events to offer. 

Nearby Parks: Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park, Homestead Park, Heritage Trail

Demographics: Middle Class

Popular Shops & Restaurants: Starliner Diner, Ten Pin Alley, At Home

Walk Score: 21 - Almost all errands require a car

School District: Hilliard City Schools

Overall Vibe: Family-friendly, relaxed

Bexley - Best Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio


East of Franklin Park, you’ll find the inner ring suburb of BexleySimilar to Hilliard, Bexley is one of Columbus' many suburbs with plenty to offer. 

Along East Main Street, you’ll find a collection of restaurants and shops like Cafe Istanbul, laid-back Zoe Cafe, and the gluten-free Cherbourg Bakery. Bexley is also home to the very cool art-house movie theater The Drexel. 

Bexley's public school system is highly ranked in Columbus, making Bexley a coveted location to live for families. If you choose to live close to Main Street, you can do almost all errands by foot, however, as you consider the moving further away from Main, cars and bikes become more necessary.

Nearby Parks: Wolfe Park, Franklin Park Conservatory, Jeffrey Park, Hanford Village Park

Demographics: Middle-to-High Class

Popular Shops & Restaurants: Jeni's Ice Cream, Aab Indian, Giuseppe's Ritrovo 

Walk Score: 63 - Some errands can be accomplished on foot.

School District: Bexley City Schools, Columbus School for Girls, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, St. Charles Preparatory School, Capital University

Overall Vibe: Family-friendly, bustling.