10 Necessities for Every College Freshman

by Ryan Carter on August 17, 2017

dorm essentials.jpg

When it comes to packing for anything in general, it’s very normal to pack the most unnecessary items while leaving the necessary items at home. However, when packing for college, it’s crucial that you DO NOT forget the necessities. College may be hours away from home, so going back home may not be an option. Here is a list of very important things to bring to college that you can’t forget to pack!


1. A good mattress pad/topper

This is probably the most forgotten item on the lists of many incoming freshman. You don’t know whose used your bed before you and you 100% do not know what they’ve done on your bed. Skip the paranoia and buy a nice mattress pad/topper. Not only will they protect you from the mattress’s dangerous past, they’re also really comfortable! Although they are a little pricey, it’s definitely worth the investment. Keep in mind that most dorm mattresses are twin XL when shopping.

2. A water filter

It is a truth that a college student is always on the move and will need to keep hydrated. However, the water in the water fountains isn’t always the tastiest and the sink water may as well be toilet water (it comes from the same place). That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase a water filter that will always allow you to have clean and clear water at your disposal at any time of the day. It’s small, so it can easily fit in your mini-fridge!

3. A refillable water bottle

This goes hand in hand with item number 2. Bottled water is outrageously expensive on campus. Why spend two to three bucks every day on bottled water when you can just pour nice, cold filtered water into a trusty, BPA free water bottle? Plus, Mother Earth will thank you.

4. Rain gear

Okay, fine. Rain gear is more than one item, but you get the idea! Do not forget to bring your umbrella, some rain boots, and a rain jacket! No matter where you go to college, rain is a guarantee at one point. Stay dry.

5. Business casual clothing

While it’s easy to pack your entire closet, it’s definitely not recommended so bring clothes you know you will wear. Not only do you want to bring clothing articles that you can wear with multiple outfits, you also want to include some business casual clothes in your suitcase. You will never know when you have to dress up a bit for a job interview or an event of some sorts. Better safe than sorry!

6. Command Hooks

If you plan on hanging picture frames, canvases, or stringing lights around your dorm, command hooks will be your best friend. They come in different shapes and sizes and do such an amazing job of keeping your decorations in place.

7. Clorox wipes

When you first move into your dorm, the first thing you want to do is wipe down everything in your room. One easy way to clean everything is with Clorox wipes! These wipes will also come in handy throughout the year. Spilled some soda on your desk? Wipe it up with some Clorox wipes! Plus, they kill those nasty germs during flu season.

8. Shower shoes.

Alright, let’s talk about communal showers. THEY ARE GROSS. There is nothing great about them, but all college freshman will have to face them at some point in their lives. I mean, where else can you shower? Not wearing shower shoes into communal showers has huge risk factors like getting Athlete’s Foot. Avoid all the pain and just wear some flip-flops.

9. Tide Pods

Absolutely no one wants to lug around a giant thing of laundry detergent. It’s heavy, inconvenient, and messy. Save yourself the hassle and buy some Tide Pods! You grab one, stick it in your pocket, and toss it into the washer.

10. Cold medicine.

Regardless of how small or large your campus is, bacteria will get around and chances are that you will get sick sometime in the year. Bring your NyQuil Liquid Pills. Can’t swallow pills? That’s fine. Get the liquid version. Just bring your cold medicine. It’ll really help you and all your neighbors out in the long end.


You will definitly want to add these items to your packing list and no worries if you haven't created one yet. The university has an official "What to bring to Columbus" list you can print out!